Middle School Virtual Campus

  • Virtual Campus students will remain a part of their brick-and-mortar homeschools and will be supported by the principals, certified teachers, nurses and guidance counselors they know and love
    • Allows for deeper connections between students and staff
    • Creates and ensures stronger bond with current school community
    • Since students are teamed, they have the opportunity to have the same grade level teaching team whether virtual or in-person
    • Students will be able to be involved in after-school programs and extracurricular activities at their home school
  • Breakfast and lunch will be available for pick-up at home schools
  • Students will receive live instruction from their Certified Teachers throughout the entire school day:
    • Zoom will be used for live instruction, modeling, and observing student examples of understanding of instructed content and skills.
    • Teachers and students will utilize the same core content that in person students are utilizing
      • Our Learning Platforms will present Go Math, Journeys, My Perspectives, Science Fusion, and Discovery Ed digital content.
      • Lexia PowerUP and IXL online platforms will provide differentiated opportunities
  • Students will take ASD and Pennsylvania state assessments, including Star benchmarks and PSSAs.
  • IEP and/or English Learners will receive support from certified teachers
  • Maintains Middle School daily start and end times of 8:00am – 2:35pm