High School Virtual Campus

Virtual Campus Purpose

Allentown School District (ASD) is a leader in K-12 for preparing our students for college and career success. The ASD Virtual Campus offers high quality, innovative, technology driven high school courses that equip students with the knowledge to thrive and be successful in the 21st Century.

Program Description

In the virtual campus environment, students will follow a schedule similar to the brick and mortar schedule while they are engaging in learning from home. Students will complete a combination of assignments; tests; quizzes; projects; and assessments that permit a teacher to follow the educational progress of the student. The ASD Virtual Campus offers the hallmarks of truly effective traditional education programs – quality teachers, quality curriculum, and frequent student-teacher interaction through Google Classroom.  All courses are taught by ASD teachers and meet national, state and ASD School District curriculum standards.

In addition to rigorous course content that meets state and district performance standards, ASD Virtual Campus online learning environment fosters creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration, as well as mastery of information, media, and technology skills--all of which are essential for preparing students for the future.

The ASD Virtual Campus High School offers students the ability to complete all their high school courses online with support from ASD teachers and guidance counselors. To apply, students should first review the enrollment requirements tab to see if you qualify. If you are interested in the ASD Virtual Campus students must work with their guidance office to enroll and schedule courses that are academically appropriate.  The students and parents/guardians must attend the orientation before the students can take the course(s).