Q: Who can attend ASD Virtual Academy?
A: Any student who resides within the boundaries of the Allentown School District can enroll in the Full-Time Virtual Academy option, including District students currently attending charter school and cyber charter schools. Current Allentown School District students can participate in the Credit Recovery and the Virtual Supplemental Courses.
Q: How many cyber classes can a student take?
A: Students may enroll in one or two Credit Recovery classes, may attend the ASD Virtual Academy full time beginning the 2014-2015 school year, or ASD high school students can supplement their face-to-face class schedule with cyber classes during their first or last periods of the school day. Students can tailor their education to fit their own needs.
Q: Does a cyber student graduate with an Allentown School District diploma?
A: Yes! Full-Time Virtual Academy students are part of the regular Allentown School District academic program. All cyber courses meet the same content and rigor as the traditional courses. The ASD Virtual Academy digital curriculum is by Apex Learning, an accredited provider of blended and virtual learning solutions.
Q: Who are the teachers?
A: All ASD Virtual Academy teachers are highly qualified, certified Pennsylvania teachers. Our teachers are current Allentown School District teachers who provide full-time instruction in our high schools.
Q: How do students get help from their teachers?
A: Students interact with their teachers on a regular basis via email, through the communication section of their classes (audio/video virtual classroom), and during scheduled face-to-face times.
Q: Do students get to meet with guidance counselors?
A: Yes. All ASD Virtual Academy students have access to all counseling services. Students need only contact their appropriate "assigned" school - William Allen High School or Dieruff High School.
Q: Can a student work at his/her own pace?
A: Yes. An individualized program is created for each student so that they can set their own pace for success.
Q: How is class work graded?
A: Grading is similar to a traditional school setting. The main difference is that classwork is submitted electronically through the class website and the teacher provides feedback electronically.
Q: Do cyber students take standardized tests?
A: Yes. All ASD Virtual Academy students must take the same required standardized tests that traditional students take. ASD Virtual Academy students will be scheduled to attend on-site exams at their "assigned" school.
Q: Will technical support be offered?
A: Yes, technical support is available to all ASD Virtual Academy students using hardware provided by the District. The District can provide Full-time Virtual High School students with a laptop to use while enrolled in ASD Virtual Academy if needed. Technical support is not provided for student's personal computers beyond software required to participate in classes.
Q: What are the technology requirements to attend the ASD Virtual Academy?
A: All cyber courses are delivered through a web-based learning system (Apex Learning). Minimal technical requirements will be necessary and any software needs are provided to the student as needed. Students MUST have their own access to the internet.