About Virtual Campus

K-12 Virtual Campus Requirements

  • Interested students are required to fill out the enrollment form for the program and meet with their building designee.
  • In order to enroll, students will still need required health vaccinations as part of the registration process for Virtual Campus (vaccinations that are required by PDE).
  • Students identified as chronically absent (absent more than 18 school days in the 2020/21 SY) may be admitted on a trial basis to Virtual Campus.
  • Students are required to follow the 2021-2022 Board approved ASD School Calendar and Assessment Calendar including state and local assessments. This may require students to report in person.
  • Students will be required to follow a daily schedule and compulsory attendance requirements as required by the state
  • Students are required to adequately maintain all district issued technological devices provided for their active participation in Virtual Campus.
  • Students in Virtual Campus can participate in after-school activities, athletics, and extracurricular programs at their home schools.
  • Students will only transfer back into the home school quarterly and families must notify school team in advance of their wishes
  • Students and parents will engage in a Virtual Campus orientation sessions for the 2021-22 SY
  • Students and families will sign a expectation agreement for Virtual Campus expectations for the 2021-22 SY

Virtual Campus Enrollment Process

  • Enrollment Forms for Virtual Campus K-12 will be available online and at school sites
  • Families will meet with building designee to review form and student data from 2020/21 SY to determine eligibility
  • Considerations for enrollment will include:
    • Attendance, grades, STAR data, GPA, credit completion percentage, reading and math level, Lexia, Wida, LAS Links, State assessments if applicable, parent input, school personnel input, extenuating circumstances
    • If the student has an IEP, the facilitator, supervisor, or Executive Director of Special Education will be notified
    • If the IEP student is in a Self Contained Special Education classroom, an IEP meeting must be held to determine accessibility and eligibility in the Virtual Campus.
    •  If the student is an EL, the application will be reviewed by an ESOL department designee
  • Once the form is reviewed at the building principal level, applications are forwarded to the Executive Director.
  • Once initial data review is complete, forms are forwarded to the building principal or designee

Enrolling in the ASD Virtual Campus

Download the Virtual Campus Enrollment Form: English | Spanish (coming soon)