Understanding Cyber Learning

What is Virtual or Cyber Learning?

Virtual or cyber learning, is a form of distance education that uses the Internet and computer technologies that connects students to teachers who deliver class discussion and coursework. The student connects to their classes from home and, although the student can sign in when it is convenient for them, there is a required amount of participation time and deadlines for class work that must be met.
Our online courses may include a blend of virtual simulations, multimedia demonstrations, and live real-time sessions where the teacher uses screen-sharing technology to lead interaction with students. Students may also be required to participate in online group project collaboration with classmates.
Students of all ability levels can participate at their own pace. High school students can take Credit Recovery classes to make up lost credits and gain their diploma. Additionally, high school students can accelerate their learning and explore challenging material to enhance their academic experience. Special-needs students can have lessons tailored to their strengths and take as much time as they need to master the content. 
- excerpts from "A Parent's Guide to Choosing the Right Online Program"